Regenerative Aesthetics

Beautify yourself using your own perfect blueprint!

What is Regenerative Aesthetics?

In the last few years, minimally-invasive Regenerative technologies, biologics, and protocols have changed the aesthetic landscape, reducing the need for more invasive surgery, drug or chemical-based therapies. The team at the Dallas Regenerative Center has pioneered an increasingly sophisticated range of treatments, giving our patients more natural possibilities to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Ultimately, Regenerative Aesthetics aims to use your body’s natural healing abilities to turn back the clock, not by masking age or simply providing the appearance of youth, but by utilizing cutting-edge Regenerative devices and biologics to stimulate your body’s collagen growth, produce growth factors, and promote true rejuvenation.

Depending on your needs, we can develop a personalized program designed to shed aging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, contour your body from the arms to the legs, and even regrow hair in the right conditions!

How do Regenerative Aesthetics procedures work?

Starting with a consultation with our team, we’ll discuss a comprehensive evaluation of your health which may even include Genomic Testing and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Only when your body is fully healthy and working at its optimal level can we truly begin to heal.

From there, we’ll discuss the options available at the Dallas Regenerative Center:

How Do I Learn More:

Complete our patient inquiry form to activate an appointment with one of our Patient Advisors at Dallas Regenerative Center or call (469) 917-9166