LaseMAR 1500

LASEmaR® 1500 is available in SilverBlackGold and Red.

The most versatile 1470 nm Laser

Main applications

Endolift® | Fractional non-ablative skin rejuvenation | Laser Assisted Lipolysis | Ladylift® | Phlebology

General Surgery  | Proctology | Therapy


The advantages of LASEmaR® 1500 are:

  • Multifunctionality | changing the handpieces present among Eufoton® range of accessories and the preset protocols, the laser is immediately usable for all the several treatments.
  • Absolute portability | thanks to the supplied smart trolley.
  • Software User-Friendly | all the treatments are preset and adjustable thanks to the easy and intuitive software.
  • Security | the software permits to set the operating parametres, warning the operator of its achievement with different acoustic alerts, without the necessity of diverting the attention from the patient.
  • Self diagnosis | principal circuits are continuously supervised from a security system, which informs the operator of the eventual anomalies and whenever it is necessary, it stops automatically the emission.
  • Ordinary maintenance is not necessary and the solid state laser diode is not subject to wear and tear.
  • Working capacity of different hours per day without any problem of overheating.


Aesthetics & Plastic surgery

Endolift®, Laser Assisted Lipolysis, closed lower blepharoplasty, gynecomastia, scars, keloids, granuloma removal, hyperhidrosis

Aesthetic Dermatology

Fractional non-ablative skin rejuvenation,  wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, skin pigmentation, skin tightening procedures, shrinking pores


Ladylift®, vaginal rejuvenation, urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, vaginal relaxation, diseases associated to postpartum alteration, HPV, cysts, dryness, itch, vulvo-perineal rejuvenation for the cure of Lichen


EVLA – Endovenous Laser Ablation – Treatment of the reflux of the great and small saphenous vein, vascular malformations, varices, periulcerosa varices, fractional debridement of venous ulcers, photobiomodulation of venous ulcers


Hemorroidectomy and anal fistula


Wavelength Laser
1470nm High Power Diode (GaAs)
Preselected programmes
Advanced software with experienced protocols to be manually customized
Pulse duration (Ton-Toff) Number of pulses per sequence (single and pulsed mode)
Adjustable from 1 to 9000 msec – steps 1 ms From 1 to 100 – step one
Interval between pulse sequence (pulsed mode)
Adjustable 1 ms ¸ 10 sec
Operation mode
Single pulse mode – pulsed mode – continuous mode
Cooling system
Air cooling system combined with Peliter’s cells
Aiming beam
Red 635 nm
Electrical power Absorbed power In compliance with
110 – 230 V 50/60 Hz 300 VA peak (adapted to domestic electric standard) CE 0476 93/42/CEE – 2007/47/CE CEI EN 60601-1 CEI EN 60601-2-22 CEI EN 60825-1 CEI EN 60601-1-2
Weight and dimensions Production
8,5 kg – 30,5 x 35 x 15,5 cm Made in Italy



  •   Surgical handpiece Contact
  •   Ladylift® Handpiece
  •   Laserlipolysis Handpiece
  •   Multi-Therapy Handpiece
  •   Multi-Therapy Flat Handpiece
  •   LIGHTScan
  •   Ring optical fibers
  •   Smoke evacuator system – Eufoton Vacuum
  •   Safety glasses for specific wavelength
  •   Intraocular protectors for patients
  •   Metal eye protectors for patients
  •   Single use patient eye protectors
  •   Smart Trolley
  •   Cart