Allograft or Human Amniotic Tissue

What is Allograft or Human Amniotic Tissue

These products are minimally manipulated human tissue allograft derived from human tissues and can include the extracellular matrix of the amniotic membrane. It is processed to preserve cytokines, growth factors and scaffolding proteins in the amniotic membrane for homologous use. Human amniotic tissue allografts processed using proprietary technologies have been shown clinically and scientifically to support soft tissue repair and can release growth factors up to 70-90 X a 5x Concentration PRP.

Allograft for Pain Relief :

Knee pain or soft tissue damage can be a common occurrence for active people over the age of forty. This can often be a result of many years of running, jumping, or jogging activity and is often a result of trauma that occurs from sports participation and strenuous activity tied to repetitive motions that happen as a result of work.

What Does Allograft Treat?

The most common treatment for Allograft is for the meniscus-deficient knee with signs of early arthrosis, transplanted tissue can also help repair or replace bones, tendons, ligaments, as well as soft tissue.

How Does It Work:

It helps to reduce, and relieve compartment overload, pain, and swelling. Some of the greatest changes were seen in the ability of patients to become active in sports again and see improvement in their daily activity and routines. In most cases, patients who benefit from allograft should have minimal articular cartilage degeneration, and the knee should be stable and have proper axial alignment. Beyond these common factors, surgical procedures would be recommended.

How Do I Learn More:

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