Patient Administered Analgesic

Providing comfort and safety.

What is Patient Administered Analgesic?

These systems deliver a 50% Nitrous Oxide, 50% Oxygen through an on-demand valve that opens only when the patient has a good seal with the mouthpiece/mask. The negative pressure from their inhalation, opens the demand valve and allows the gases to flow through a filter through their patient circuit and into their mouthpiece/mask. The gas specific built-in alarm system will generate both visual and audible alarms should either nitrous oxide or oxygen input fall below 40 PSI, and the device will automatically shut off should either nitrous oxide or oxygen input fall below 35 PSI.

Nitrous Oxide at the 50% level is considered an analgesic and it is self-administered by the patient. The 50% Nitrous Oxide/50% Oxygen mix is a universal standard for pain & anxiety relief that has been used for decades throughout the world in labor & delivery, emergency room, pre-hospital (ambulance) and in recent years, moved into private practice, medical centers, surgery centers and birthing centers. The use of a 50% nitrous oxide/50% oxygen mixture for its analgesic, anxiolytic, and dissociative properties has been well-studied in the literature and has been shown to be safe for pediatric and adult patients.

Patient administered, fixed 50/50 N2O and O2 analgesic Nitrous Oxide systems are the newest and safest way to introduce Nitrous Oxide pain management to your clinic without the need for an anesthesiologist on staff. Because it is patient administered, the patient is empowered to respond to their pain and anxiety when they need it. The onset is extremely quick, within seconds, while the effect clears from the body within minutes allowing the patient to drive themselves home.

For practitioners taking advantage of stem cells in their practice, it allows them to eliminate the administration of any sort of -caine (e.g. Lidocaine), which will kill stem cells on contact.

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