IV Therapy Treatments

Dallas Regenerative Center provides a wide variety of targeted IV hydration solutions. Each IV drip is created to provide specific benefits such as anti-aging or be the hangover cure you need after a long night.


  • Chicken Soup
  • RevitalIV
  • The Pro-Gram
  • Oxygen B12 booster

Who benefits: busy professionals, acute viral illness, post viral illness (cold/flu), busy moms, those suffering from chronic fatigue

What are benefits: stress reduction, improvement of immunity, fights symptoms of cold and flu, improves cell function and cell repair, detoxification of liver and kidneys



  • Hair of the Dog
  • Oxygen therapy
  • B12 booster

Who benefits: suffering from acute dehydration including body aches, generalized fatigue, headache and nausea after alcohol indulgence

What are benefits: Rehydration and detoxification of free radicals. Speeds the processing of toxic metabolic products of alcohol. Close to 100% effective to get you feeling better and productive


  • Finish Line
  • The Pro-Gram
  • B12 booster
  • Oxygen therapy

Who benefits: weekend warriors and serious athletes, busy professionals with a heavy work out routine, professional athletes wanting to improve recovery time and performance

What are benefits: rehydration and cell detoxification, skeletal muscle recovery, scavenging of free radicals, tissue repair after injury


  • Fountain of Youth
  • The Pro-Gram
  • B12 booster
  • Oxygen therapy

Who benefits: those suffering from skin damage, heavy sun exposure, sun burns, busy moms and professionals, chronic fatigue

What are benefits: cell function and cell repair, synergism of antioxidants block and improve pigment changes in the skin, detoxification of kidneys and liver, scavenging of free radicals


  • The Skinny
  • Fat Fighter booster
  • B12 booster

Who benefits: Those wanting to jumpstart a weight loss program naturally whether new to weight control regimen or suffering from a weight loss plateau

What are benefits: Amino acids improve breakdown of fats and cholesterol buildup in the bloodstream and liver. Rehydration improves the false sensation of hunger masked by dehydration


Oxygen therapy: improves cell recovery and healing time, DNA and cell repair, improves symptoms of nausea and migraine

B12 booster: Fatigue, low energy states, vegan related deficiency, migraine, and minor depression

Glutathione: antioxidant shown to improve cell repair, liver and kidney detoxification. Used in Neurology and Oncology to treat severe neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons disease and to prevent kidney damage during chemotherapy.