First Annual State of Regenerative Survey, 2020 Edition is Live!

First Annual State of Regenerative Survey, 2020 Edition

This 50-question survey seeks to take the pulse of the current evolution of Regenerative Medicine in the US and provide participants with an exclusive report of what Practitioners and Industry Leaders see, think, and believe to be the current State of Regenerative Medicine in the US.

More details and an opportunity to participate follow:

2020 has brought big changes for all industries, including the dynamic and ever-evolving practice of Regenerative Medicine in the United States.

Conferences that practitioners have traditionally attended to collaborate, share information, seek guidance, and make decisions about the future of their businesses and practices have mostly been canceled this year, leaving an industry devoid of the peer-to-peer insights that have helped fuel its evolution.

This, combined with increasing patient awareness, a dramatic uptick in demand for Regenerative procedures, changing laws, bad actors, misunderstood products, rampant INDs, pandemic shutdowns, and economic restarts, combined with the absence of peer-to-peer open sharing of information have left Practitioners and Industry Leaders alike wondering…

WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON????????????????????

We are not sure anyone knows, but by tapping the collective intellect and current experience of Practitioners and Industry Leaders, we can at least understand what those involved in Regenerative Medicine see, think, and believe as a whole.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and is comprised of about 50 questions. Some of the topics covered include Practice Demographics, Training and Credentialing, FDA and Regulatory Environment, Regenerative Outcomes, Patient Acquisition, and Industry Players.

You may be asking…


In return for your 10-minute investment, you will be entitled to receive:

  • Your own copy of the State of Regenerative, 2020 Edition Report, exclusive to participants
  • Access to the private “State of Regenerative” group on LinkedIn
  • Email updates on critical stats as they come in

The survey will close when we’ve received 500 survey submissions or by December 23rd, whichever happens first. We are hopeful that final reports may be deployed by the end of the year.

All data will be anonymized upon receipt. DRS pledges to not share in any capacity personal data provided, such as email.

The compiled data will not only provide critical insight for industry leaders and practitioners but is intended to further the evolution of the Art of Regenerative Medicine in the US.

Ordo ab Chao is our true mission, and we are asking for your help to bring order to the chaos 2020 has left us all.

Please do your part for your fellow practitioners, industry professionals, and the evolution of the Art of Regenerative Medicine by participating in the First Annual State of Regenerative Survey, 2020 Edition below.

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