State of Regenerative Initial Results – Vast Majority Rate Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes as Most Important

As indicated in the following chart, over 70% of our respondents indicated that Patient Satisfaction and Long Term Outcomes are the most important thing to their practice over Profitability, Litigation, or Regulatory Scrutiny. Please join the discussion on our LinkedIn post: Dallas Regenerative LinkedIn Take the survey and add your insights now!

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State of Regenerative Initial Results – Bad Actors are the Greatest Risk to Regenerative Medicine

Over 50% of our respondents are indicating that bad actors, from industry players such as suppliers to unethical or ignorant practitioners, pose the greatest risk to our industry. When you combine that with Lack of education, we see that over 2/3 of of the industry believes the greatest threat is ourselves rather than outside factors […]

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Regenerative Medicine Treatments to Help You Recover

Regenerative MedicineWhat if the body could rejuvenate itself and get back to the point where everything functions like it did before becoming injured or you started experiencing pain? This is actually possible with regenerative medicine. We offer a wide range of non-surgical treatments to heal injuries, improve bodily function and provide patients with relief from […]

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