About Us

Texas Medical Device Distributor: #1002308
DUNS Number: 105471307

Dallas Regenerative Solutions seeks to be a true resource to providers in the rapidly expanding field of Regenerative Medicine by providing practitioners with the products, tools, insights, training opportunities, and technological understanding to implement and maximize Regenerative Medicine in their practice.

The Dallas Regenerative Solutions core philosophy is simple:
1. Help people,
2. Make money,
3. Partner with practitioners who seek to do the same.

Dallas Regenerative Solutions carries a complete portfolio of Regenerative devices and biologics and distributes to practices dealing with everything from anti-aging, beauty, aesthetics, and sexual wellness to dermatologists, urologists, and orthopedic surgeons running integrated pain management centers. Dallas Regenerative Solutions believes that practitioners can provide an Integrative approach to maximizing the health and well-being of their patients by combining the rapidly expanding, state of the art Regenerative therapies and with traditional Functional medicine practices.

COVID-19 Update

Dallas Regenerative Solutions is a Texas based medical device distributor who has been helping practitioners implement regenerative medicine into their practice for years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly pivoted to help and provide a solution where it is needed most: sourcing and supplying hard to find medical supplies, including needles, nitrile gloves, protective masks, personal protection equipment (PPE), and testing kits to our medical professionals, first responders, universities, hospitals, government entities, and more.

Please contact us immediately for more information on our available items.


Carmen McCallum, MD
Board certified internist

In my 30+ years of practicing medicine, I heard too often from patients that they don’t like going to the doctor.
They feel judged, not listened to, rushed out the door.
They feel like drugs are thrown at them with little to no explanation.
This scenario is exactly why I decided to join this practice.

Cutting out the “middle man”, AKA medical insurance, allows me to deliver a comprehensive
individualized care that includes dietary, lifestyle education and targeted nutritional supplementation.

I am a strong believer in Doctere, or “Doctor as teacher” and understand the importance of a strong educational base for
patient care as well as the need to create a supportive atmosphere to allow patients to participate in their own health care journey.

My job as a doctor is to educate and empower you to become a healthier person. Genuine empathy, nonjudgmental listening and close,
direct follow up, are the essential tools I use to get you there.

In my free time, I try to satisfy my culinary passion by transforming traditional recipes into gluten-free, paleo/keto or plant based versions or simply try new recipes.
I am also passionate about reading (in particular medical related) and more times than not, I end up starting more books than I can finish.

I would like you to allow me to join in your healing journey. Working together, we will create a plan specific to you and your health goals, so that you can live your life with vitality.